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Step 2 - Release limiting beliefs

So.... how did you go with Step 1?

Have you found that part of you that lies to yourself, that part that has you poisoning yourself?

What is a limiting belief anyway?

Did you ever hear the story of the egg a little boy found in the mulch at the foot of a tall oak tree?  He took it home and put it under the clucky hen and it happened to hatch out with all the little chicks.  It was less fluffy and not so good at pecking as the other chicks and the boy fed it himself and named it oakegg.  As Oakegg grew she  learnt to eat for herself and loved to peck around with all the hens. 

One day a beautiful bird flew over the chicken coop and spotted young Oakegg pecking around.  Now this beautiful bird was a chicken hawk but instead of attacking this day, landed nearby and asked Oakegg, why are you in there, you are a chicken hawk, you eat chickens and you fly like this, and demonstrated the freedom and beauty of the chicken hawk.  

Oakegg, a beautiful chicken hawk had a limited belief that stopped her even trying to fly.

Your problem is not a conscious problem, so trying to stop smoking with a conscious will is like trying to escape with a rubber band still attached.  When life challenges you or you are weakened by a few drinks you can snap back.

Highest Values

Check in with where you are aligned with your highest values.  Often addiction is a symptom of your life being in contradiction to your highest values.  Perhaps you value family more than work, yet you hardly see them.  Perhaps you value time alone, yet the only time you get to yourself is when you excuse yourself for a smoke.  Look for the patterns that create discomfort in your life and find ways you can change or accept what you cannot change. 

 Self Havening


work through the Worksheet below

A great way to remove the cravings.  Listen carefully and fnd your own sense of peace in any challenging situation.


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