Ideal healthy weight

You are in the right place to achieve your weight target. 

You may call it weight loss if you like but I prefer to focus on optimal health which in turn has you reaching your ideal weight.

Your conscious choice around weight may be interfered with by some uncontrolled part of you. 

Together we eliminate emotional eating and reconnect you with your natural ability to allow your body to graviate towards optimal health and ideal weight by listening to what it needs.  Listen to what you need, just as nature intended. 

You were created with the senses and common sense to avoid poisons and discomfort or pain. 

Let's use hypnosis to evict the unhelpful energy, emotions and entities that rob you of optimal health and vitality. 

Jump online now and have a session over the internet where ever you are.  Perhaps you prefer in person, check the calendar 

Here at On Target Hypnotherapy, Michelle has helped hundreds of clients to control their weight and  intake and is ready to help you too. You may be wondering....

  • Is hypnotherapy safe
  • How long does it take
  • How many sessions are needed
  • Does it last
  • How much does it cost

Press play to find out from Michelle,  your practitioner.