Some of the things hypnotherapy has successfully helped


Quit smoking, 2 sessions recommended although many clients quit in their first session of up to 90 minutes

Fears or phobias

Irrational fear or phobias can limit your potential to get the most out of life

No need to suffer when some clients are free in one session

Relieve anxiety

Anxiety often lies beneath other issues clients ask for help with such as

Weight, smoking, excess alcohol, gambling and many other things

The above are the most common things I help with as well as

  • calm birth and birth preparation
  • fertility
  • confidence
  • sports or exam performance
  • exercise motivation
  • bed wetting
  • healthy food and drink choices
  • fear of flying, heights, frogs, spiders, snakes, needles
  • chronic pain
  • healing mindset - cancer, injury recovery
  • find a lost object
  • past lives
  • decision making
  • relationships
  • gambling addiction
  • libido or sex drive
  • allergies
  • nail biting, hair or skin pulling
  • fear of dentist

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