In person or online

AUD 250.00

Many clients get what they are seeking from one session, however accountability and follow-up sessions are recommended.

Quit smoking, stay sober, lift depression, relieve anxiety, enjoy healthy food, remove phobias or irrational fears

Optimal performance at exams or competitions, pain control, recovery or calm birthing.


AUD 130.00

Ongoing assistance.  Please select 1:1 Help, Call Michelle or book online now

If you have not seen me before.

Stop smoking system - self paced, self help

AUD 180.00

Learn more about On Target No BS 3-Step Stop Smoking System

Quick look at first steps.

AUD 250.00

One day workshop

Practical, in person hypnotherapy training in Helensvale on the Gold Coast

Vegetarian lunch provided, please inform dietary requirements

AUD 660.00

A package is the surest way to achieve your desired outcome

Kick addiction, create healthy habits as we set goals to create a work/life balance that allows you to see your way to clear to create a great future with purpose and passion.

Release ties to your old story, unhelpful habits or emotional hijack.

Clear any phobias.

Bounce ideas around that let you thrive as we create a shift that seems unreachable through will power alone.