Find and clear self sabotage, 10 minutes a day for 11 days


This time last year most people were going about their busy lives oblivious to how things can change quickly and suddenly.  As COVID is with us now, there is a lot of anxiety and confusion.  There is doubt about the future and with doubt people may suffer stress and anxiety.  With doubt people may jump aboard life and plan new paths to follow, and new adventures.

Self sabotage gets in the way.  Anxiety gets in the way.  People get in their own way.  Years ago a mentor I admire greatly and who is  no longer earthside (yes he died) wrote a book that changed the lives of its readers.  A kind and caring man who lived the example of his leadership - creating his own absolute happiness and he radiated it too.  His name is Michael Domeyko Rowland and the book is titled Absolute Happiness.

A piece of gold I have taken from his book and applied in my own life is an exercise he named 22x11.

It seems too simple to work, but here it is.  Give it a go for 11 days and let me know how what you learn and shift and attract.

22 x 11 to know your challenges.

In this exercise you will be bringing into awareness your sub-personalities’
beliefs and emotions stored deep within the subconscious. You will also start to
recondition the mind to behave and think in ways that support you to achieve your goals (developing new sub-personalities.)

Without bringing the deeply buried sub-personalities’ beliefs into the light of your conscious awareness, you will be constantly sabotaged by sub-personalities with sabotaging or limiting belief systems that you don’t even know exist within you AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REPROGRAM THE MIND.

This process may shake you up and make you feel emotional; in fact this is what we want, it means your sub-personalities’ belief systems are being challenged and you are starting to identify your shadow sub-personalities.

Every day for 11 days you will work with a statement that relates to your goal.This statement should contradict your present circumstances.


  • I am making over 20% return on investment's every year
  • My business makes $xxxxxxx easily each year.
  • I like myself. It’s easy to be authentic.
  • I have a loving marriage
  • I never risk more than I can afford to lose
  • I get lighter each day as I approach my ideal healthy weight

Write or type your chosen statement 22 times in a sitting. Each time you write the statement your challenged sub-personalities (challenged by your affirmation) will give you a response. Just type/write the response down—don’t edit yourself, just write what comes out (and don’t use copy and paste on the computer either.) If your statement is ‘I like and appreciate people’ and the response is ‘I feel like smashing them to pieces’, type or write it down. If you don’t have a response, just write ‘No response’. The response might be ‘This is stupid’, or ‘This won’t work’. Just write it down.

This means that at the end of each session you will have written the statement 22 times and you will have 22 replies.

Remember, the affirming statement you type should be in response to a goal you desire.

Each statement will elicit a response from the subconscious that will show you what sub-personalities are stopping or limiting your success.

The 22 statements must be completed in one sitting without interruptions. So, shut your door and don’t let people disturb you. If you are disturbed, start that day’s session again. You cannot miss a day within that 11 day period or you must start again from day one.  At the end of each session, work out and write down the sub-personalities that the strong sabotaging responses belong to. By now you should be able to name many of your sub-personalities.

The statement can change over the 11 days but not during a session. As an example, during a session your statement ‘Large amounts of money come to me continuously for very little effort’ may dredge up a repeated response that shows that deep within your mind you do not believe you deserve it. At the next sitting you may change the statement to ‘I deserve large amounts of money coming to me continuously for very little effort.’ This means your statement will continually contradict your deepest sabotaging sub-personalities.

Here is an example from day one.


Money flows to me abundantly

I wish!


Money flows to me abundantly

No it doesn’t


Money flows to me abundantly

It will if I take action


Money flows to me abundantly

I am capable, I can make it happen


Money flows to me abundantly

Through service


Money flows to me abundantly

I can make this happen


Money flows to me abundantly

That will be nice


Money flows to me abundantly

And I help lots of people


Money flows to me abundantly

If I can just get out of my own way


Money flows to me abundantly

And I feel better about myself


Money flows to me abundantly

I am over being broke


Money flows to me abundantly

The banks don’t deserve the interest


Money flows to me abundantly

I will have extra to give to those I care about


Money flows to me abundantly

And I help more people


Money flows to me abundantly

Others are doing it and so can i


Money flows to me abundantly

Serve, serve, serve


Money flows to me abundantly

And I invest in myself


Money flows to me abundantly

This is 22x 11, I do this everyday for 11 days


Money flows to me abundantly

If feels wonderful


Money flows to me abundantly

I pay the bank out in full, what’s mine is mine


Money flows to me abundantly

I can type fast, much neater than my writing


Money flows to me abundantly

That’s not so hard I can do this every day.

Now it's your turn.

Remember your statement needs to feel right for you.


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