Step 1 Worksheet - Reality Check

Step 1 Worksheet - Reality Check

Be honest with yourself and dive deep.  Take your time.  Your life depends on it.

Risks from Smoking


What benefits will you get from stopping smoking?

Now check which applies to you below.

What is your biggest motivator to stop smoking?


Enter any other reasons to stop smoking below.

  • Do the math on how much money you are wasting. 
  • Be honest how unfit you feel.
  • How much connection do you miss out on because you disconnect in order to smoke, you have to excuse yourself
  • How much less work do you get done
  • Did you miss getting a job, or getting a partner, or having a child...

Work out your values.

When did you last feel really awesome, joyful or simply cruising with life?  What was going on at the time?  

Check all the things below that are important to you


What else is important to you?

Enter what really makes you happy and at peace


How does smoking support or effect your values?

Now look at each value you ticked above.  Does smoking assist any of the things you care about? For example 

Children. I am setting a bad example, I get less time with them when I smoke, they avoid me because I stink

Money.  Last year I spent around $100 per week, that is $5200 I could have spent on.....

Health.  Coughing in the morning.  I do feel aggravated when I stop smoking though... more anxiety and stress..

Fishing.  I could have some awesome gear.

 Begin with the most important value and enter how you really feel below.



For many smokers they mindlessly smoke when a certain event triggers a reaction.  Often this is not even conscious, simply an automatic response to an event. 

A few examples you might identify with.

  • Paul wakes up and grabs for a smoke before he has even thought about what day it is.
  • John is fine not to smoke at work, but as he walks to his vehicle to go home he has a smoke.
  • Mary never smokes around her family, but overdoes the smoking when out having a few drinks, then sneaks away from her family to have a smoke, with the false belief they won't smell it on her.

List your triggers below


Smoking is Poisonous

You were born with the senses to identify poisons.  The critical senses around poisons involve taste and smell, although texture plays a part as well.  There are some things you would not eat even if you were offered huge rewards. 

Below are some suggestions of things most people avoid eating.

Lets put smoking in the poison category with all the poisons you readily avoid

Then in step 3 we adjust taste and desire accordingly


Is smoking a poison?


A space to collect your thoughts around smoking

Enter anything else you want to clarify.


Stop Smoking Benefits


Start saving money right away.  You may also be surprised how much extra time you have. Clean up any smoking things for example ashtrays and lighters.  Clean your car if you used to smoke in the car.

Three Months

You have nailed it!  So pleased you did this now. You find people are easier to be around.  Smell and taste returned.  Breathing easy and feeling fitter.

One Year

You don't even think about smoking.  Life is awesome and you have saved so much money you treat yourself to something special


Think into each time period and connect wholeheartedly with the benefits.  Enter your thought below.