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You are frustrated and you feel helpless.

The doctor said,

"Most children grow out of bedwetting by age 10, just wait, it will happen."  

  • You are absolutely over the wait
  • Your child is over the wait 
  • They want to go on sleepovers
  • They want to have more control at night
  • They ask for help 
  • You want to help them

You have read the free eBook and you are ready to take the next step

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A proven approach

It is my mission to bring this approach to bedwetting to so many people I change the statistics.

1 in 20 10 years still wetting at night is way too many to turn a blind eye and simply wait

Empower your child, remove the shame, remove the anxiety and dry nights, awesome mornings will come soon.


In his book Dr. Rosenfeld supports hypnosis for bed wetting

Bed-wetting strategies that work

You may have already established there is no underlying physical reason for it

Self Hypnosis helped 75%

Impressive results from Dr Karen Olness

In expert hands

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  • On Target Hypnotherapy

    “My 9yo son not only stopped wetting his bed, he was calmer and more attentive at school”

  • On Target Hypnotherapy

    “I cannot overstate how great the results in following the simple steps in this course have been”

  • On Target Hypnotherapy

    “The community! Just... wow! This stuff has been a saviour for our family.”