A practical introduction to Hypnotherapy

Learn Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

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Queensland Hypnosis Academy

Gold Coast - In person training


Saturday 10th June, 2023 10am to 4pm

Suite 2 / 3 Millenium Cct Helensvale QLD 4212


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Who this is for

Beginners, anyone curious, age 16 to 96, health professionals, tattoo artists, sleep specialists, looking for a change or  a fun day of learning

Learning outcomes

Learn by hypnotising each other, deepening trance, come on back to full alertness

Cost $250, group discount available or arrange training for your organisation or medical practice or healthcare centre

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in person

Hypnotherapy Training

Workshop with practical and theory

Discover and learn

Discover if hypnotherapy is for you

have fun hypnotising each other

satisfy your own curiosity

steps towards self development and helping others

  • Anyone curious about hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Healthcare workers
  • Doctors and dentist
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Massage therapist
  • A career change, or simply curious

Cost $250 email for group discounts

We run workshops for medical clinics, dentists and organisations

Location - Gold Coast

QLD Hypnosis Academy Suite 2/3 Millenium Circuit Helensvale QLD 4212


10am to 4pm Saturday 6th May, 2023

Diploma Training also available

QLD Hypnosis Academy offer internationally recognised diploma training to become a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in Australia

Qld Hypnosis Academy

Michelle Gail Davidson


Affiliated with Sheila Granger's Highly Acclaimed International Trainers


Learning outcomes

Experience hypnosis

Induce and deepen trance

History of hypnosis

All participants will go as deep as their subconscious mind knows they can.  Group hypnosis helps all participants go deeper.  Go to a space where learning and retention are enhanced

Limited numbers for individual attention, get in quick

Hypnotise others

If you can read and listen you can hypnotise your colleagues 

Trance deepeners

Change can be achieved in light trance, made even more profound with depth of trance


Learn All The Skills Required to Induce Hypnosis safely and ethically

Hypnosis is a powerful tool.  Learn to use it wisely and ethically.

Induce Hypnosis

We will be using scripts to induce trance in this introductory day

Deepen the Trance

Read various deepeners

Create phenomena

Lock your subjects eyes closed, or stick their feet to the floor.  Have some fun.

Suggestions for change

Communicate directly with the subconscious mind to create the desired changed aligned with the subjects intentions

Awaken from hypnosis

Bring your subject gently out of trance and test for the desired shift

 Hypnosis History revealed

Ever wondered how old this modality is and how it came about


A practical introduction to hypnotherapy

Still need more information?

Call Michelle on 0487748302

As an introductory day your organisation may offer some CPD (compulsory personal development) credits.  Ask for a full description of learning outcomes or take your certificate of attendance to your association

Yes, attendance at the introductory day does not have to be repeated when continuing on to the full diploma training.  Cost of this day will be deducted from the diploma training cost for those wishing to qualify as hypnotherapists.

Participants will be award a certificate of attendance

Practical introduction to hypnotherapy one day training cost $250

Discounts available for previous clients and group bookings

Courses are often run especially for one organisation, eg your medical practice or your employees


Your facilitator

Michelle Davidson

Michelle Davidson is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist as well as the founder of On Target Hypnotherapy and Queensland Hypnosis Academy.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Michelle has helped countless clients overcome a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, addiction, phobias, and more.

Michelle's approach to hypnotherapy is client-centered and solution-focused. She believes that every individual has the capacity to heal and grow, and works closely with her clients to identify their unique needs and goals. Using a combination of hypnosis, energy work and mindfulness techniques, Michelle helps her clients develop new patterns of thought and behaviour that promote positive change and personal growth.

She believes that the key to success in any area of life is a commitment to ongoing growth and development, and encourages her clients and students to embrace this mindset as well.

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Learn new skills - small classes - be quick

Saturday 6th May 2023 10am to 4pm Helensvale on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia

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